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If you prefer traditional garage door styles, you’ve probably been trying to determine which style is best suited for your home. Tudor, Victorian, farmhouse, and even carriage-house are just a few of these styles. But are you familiar with craftsman style garage doors? If this style is new to you, read more to learn what makes craftsman style garage doors a great traditional garage door option. 

craftsman style garage doors

1. The Craftsman Style Itself Is Over 100 Years Old

One of the most fascinating things about craftsman style garage doors is that the craftsman style itself is over a century old. Craftsman architecture first became popular in Victorian-era homes during Great Britain’s Arts and Crafts period. By the early twentieth century, the craftsman style had made its way over to the United States as part of the American Arts and Crafts period. The person who is credited with launching this style into popularity in the United States was furniture maker Gustav Stickley. Stickley made this style widely known through his magazine, The Craftsman. Over a century later, this style is still prevalent in many residential homes and garage doors. 


2. A Variety Of Colors And Finishes

Despite being traditional, craftsman style garage doors can be customized with various colors. Where color options are concerned, you can play it safe with a neutral white, combine color with white, or pick non-white colors. When picking a color or finish, consider what will best complement the rest of your home. You should also consider what will work best with the material of your garage door. One of the main characteristics of the craftsman style is symmetry. If you decide to have a pattern, ensure symmetry, whether straight lines or two bars crossing into an “X” shape, is present. 


3. They Work Best With Natural Or Faux Wood

While craftsman style garage doors can be made from a variety of materials, they work best with natural or faux wood. That’s because the warmth of the craftsman style is best conveyed through the use of wood. Natural wood, or even wood composite, is a natural insulator that helps regulate temperature and noise levels. This style can work with nearly any wood species. Of course, if you want the appearance of wood without dealing with the extra demands of maintaining a wood garage door, you can elect to give it a faux wood finish instead. 


4. Decorative Hardware Adds Flair 

Another trademark quality of craftsman style garage doors is decorative hardware. Including decorative hardware can boost curb appeal and add character to your exterior home design. The most common types of decorative hardware you will find for this garage door style are hinges and handles. These pieces of hardware can enhance the rustic appearance of your craftsman garage door. That said, try not to go overboard and keep it simple so you can stay true to the minimalism of the craftsman style. 


5. Window Inserts Are An Option 

Like many rustic styles, window inserts can enhance craftsman style garage doors. While not a requirement, this customization option is worth considering to boost curb appeal and allow natural light into your garage. Natural light in your garage will reduce your energy bill and brighten up the inside of your garage too. 


Our Technicians Can Help With All Kinds Of Garage Doors!

Hopefully, these five facts about craftsman style garage doors have given you clarity about this traditional option. Whether you decide on a craftsman garage door or any other style, you’ll need to find a reliable, experienced garage door technician to help install your new garage door. The good news is that if you live in Friendswood, you already have access to M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Friendswood, the best garage door service in this part of Texas. Contact us today to install your new garage door. 


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