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A garage door is essential to keeping your vehicles and your home safe from intruders and the natural elements. Without one, your home would be vulnerable to break-ins and weather damage. However, finding garage doors under $1000 is no simple task, especially if you’re looking for one of good quality. Luckily, affordability does not necessarily mean poor quality. In fact, you can easily find garage doors under $1000 of excellent quality. 

A Guide To Garage Doors Under $1000

When it comes to finding garage doors under $1000, it’s important to remember that many factors can determine the cost of a garage door. Material and type, for example, are two possible elements that can influence the price of a garage door. To help you get started with your search, here are some garage doors under $1000 that are worth considering for your property: 

1. Roll-Up Garage Doors

Whether you’re in search of a garage door for your residential or commercial property, roll-up garage doors are a great, affordable option. Cheap roll-up garage doors can range from $650 to $950 without accounting for additional factors like labor. While the starting price for this kind of door can be under $1000, you should remember to ask about labor and additional costs to see if the final total remains within that range. 

2. Single-Panel Garage Doors

As far as garage doors under $1000 are concerned, single-panel garage doors are usually the cheapest. Including installation, they can cost $400-$550, especially if they are built for a single-car garage door. Single-panel garage doors for structures that house more than one vehicle might cost more. 

3. Tilt-Up Garage Doors

Tilt-up garage doors, which also feature a single panel, are another popular yet affordable option for both residential and commercial garages. Without accounting for labor and other factors, these doors typically cost $850. Just like with roll-up doors, you also want to inquire about additional costs to determine if this option will truly be under $1000. 

4. Steel Garage Doors 

Materials can also play a part in the final cost of a garage door. One of the most durable materials in this price range is steel. Steel garage doors are ideal for both residential and commercial garages, though they are most often found in commercial properties. $450-$600 tends to be the typical price range for low-end steel garage doors. 

5. Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum is another type of metal material that can be used in affordable garage doors. While not as durable as steel, they are lightweight and stylistically versatile. If you live somewhere that isn’t subjected to consistently tumultuous weather, you can potentially purchase this door for $500-$700. 

garage doors under $1000 metal

6. Faux Or Composite Wood Garage Doors 

If you want all the perks of a wooden garage door but find that pure hardwood is very much outside of your budget, faux wood garage doors are a great, budget-friendly alternative. These doors can cost $950 at the lowest, but that doesn’t quite account for additional costs. In a similar vein, composite wood doors can cost $750 at the lowest. Either option is great if you want to reap the benefits of a wooden garage door without breaking the bank. 


M.G.A. Garage Door Repair TX Will Help You Find The Best Garage Door Under $1000 For Your Property!

This guide to garage doors under $1000 should help kickstart your search for a high-quality, budget-friendly garage door for your property. Just remember to take additional costs into consideration before making a final choice. The last thing you want is to end up paying more than you initially planned to because of factors like time and labor. To help you with this search, trust our expert team at M.G.A. Garage Door Repair TX. Contact us today, and we will help you find the best garage door under $1000 for your property. 

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