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Your garage door tracks are a vital part of how your garage door successfully opens and closes. If you compare the garage door parts to the human body parts, the tracks are like the skeleton; they keep important parts in their place. However, bones can break or dislocate if we aren’t careful, and the same can happen when garage door tracks fail to align. When garage door tracks aren’t aligned, the rollers fall out of place, leading to a domino effect that ends in a malfunctioning garage door. 

If this happens to you, there’s no need to panic. You can adjust your garage door tracks to return your garage door to working order. We will now show you, step-by-step, how to adjust garage door tracks. 

1. Keep The Garage Door Closed 

The most important step in how to adjust garage door tracks is to keep your garage door closed. A closed garage door will ensure absolute safety as you prepare to adjust your garage door tracks, as well as perform any other garage door services. Safety is a priority, so do not start adjusting those tracks until your garage door is completely shut. 

how to adjust garage door tracks

2. Loosen The Bolts That Attach The Track To Jamb And Bracket 

Now that your garage door is closed, you can officially begin the first step of adjusting your garage door tracks. The garage door tracks are attached to a jamb and bracket with bolts. Proceed to loosen those bolts, but be careful not to let them fall out or remove them. They should only be removed if you need to create a new hole through which to secure the bolts. 

3. Move The Tracks So That They Are Aligned With Each Other

Your next step in how to adjust garage door tracks is to slide the bracket so that it aligns properly. For the first track, determine the position you need it to be in before refastening it. This step might require repeatedly going back and readjusting as needed to ensure perfect parallel alignment to the other track. Ideally, you want the track to be either half or three-quarters of an inch parallel away from the door. 

4. Re-Tighten The Bolts

Once the garage door track is at the optimal position for successful operation, retighten the bolts. It’s important to make sure the bolts are nice and secure so that your garage door track can stick to its adjusted position. Concerning how to adjust garage door tracks, you are now halfway done. 

5. Repeat The Above Steps On The Other Side

Garage door tracks are located on both sides of the garage door and above it. As soon as you adjust the track on one side, repeat the same steps described above, on the other side of your garage door. This time, you’ll have a better reference point for how much you should adjust the track since you only need to check the finished one for comparison. 

6. Test Your Garage Door Tracks 

The very last step in how to adjust garage door tracks is to test them. Testing your newly adjusted garage door tracks involves opening and closing your garage door and carefully observing how it moves. If its movement is back to normal, then your garage door tracks are successfully adjusted. While you can go back and adjust as needed until your garage door moves as it should again, at some point, you will need to get help if nothing changes. 

M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Can Help With Many Garage Door Parts! 

If your garage door is still not moving the way it should after many adjustments, it means you need an experienced technician to return your garage door to working order. Luckily, whether it’s garage door tracks, springs, panels, or any other part of your garage door, our certified technicians at M.G.A. Garage Door Repair can solve any garage door problem. Contact us today so your garage door can work properly again.

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