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Garage door hardware is a great way to boost your home’s curb appeal, allowing your garage door to stand out from the rest. However, most garage door hardware is associated with various traditional garage door styles. In reality, modern garage door hardware can also be a great addition to your property. If this type of garage door hardware sounds intriguing, you’ll need to learn the types of hardware as well as how to install and care for them. Learn more by checking out this guide to modern garage door hardware. 

modern garage door hardware

4 Types Of Modern Garage Door Hardware 

There are a few modern garage door hardware types worth considering for your property. You don’t need to use all of them for your garage door, but it is worth considering at least one or two of them. You should check out these four types of decorative hardware for your garage door. 


1. Hinges And Handles 

When you think of decorative garage door hardware, you probably imagine hinges and handles first. Hinges are usually found along the sides between the garage door and the frame. The handles are usually placed around the middle of a garage door. The three most popular styles of hinges and handles are tulip, heart, and bean, named for the decorative piece at the endpoints. These three styles are also found in decorative garage door latches. 


2. Clavos

Clavos refers to decorative nails that resemble bolts that serve as decorative garage door studs. They are available in various sizes and styles. The best way to utilize this piece of decorative hardware is to ensure that they enhance a garage door’s outward appearance. In other words, avoid adding this hardware if it leads to the garage door essentially being covered in decorative hardware. 


3. Ring Pulls 

In a similar vein to handles and hinges, ring pulls are also a piece of decorative hardware worth considering. Have you ever seen door handles that come in the form of rings that you can just pull? If so, then you have seen ring pulls before. If your garage door is that of a carriage-house style with a modern flair, ring pulls could serve as both practical and decorative. This hardware also works if you are keener on strictly decorative modern hardware. 


4. Windows 

Windows are both a popular practical and decorative option for this style of garage door hardware. This type of decorative hardware is a hallmark feature of both modern and contemporary garage door designs. The windows are made of tempered glass, so they aren’t easily breakable or damaged. The windows can even come in many different finishes and tints so that you can maintain privacy in style. 


Installing And Maintaining Modern Garage Door Hardware

After examining just four types of modern garage door hardware, you’re probably curious about what is involved in installing and maintaining them. Once you know what kind of decorative hardware you want for your modern garage door, you’ll need to determine whether you want to have it professionally installed or if you prefer magnetic hardware. 

Magnetic hardware is a DIY-friendly option for installing this hardware, as they imitate the appearance of genuine hardware material. However, magnetic hardware isn’t permanent, so ensuring it’s in good condition is paramount if you want it to last. If you had your garage door hardware professionally installed, remember to clean it every so often so it maintains its sleek, sophisticated appearance. 


The Best Garage Door Technicians In Friendswood!

Hopefully, you are inspired and motivated to boost your home’s curb appeal after checking out this brief guide to modern garage door hardware. Whether you’re looking for someone to install decorative hardware professionally or you are just facing various problems with your current garage door, it’s important to have a trustworthy service to call. If you live in Friendswood, you can access the best garage door technicians at M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Friendswood. Return your garage door to excellent working condition by contacting us today!


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