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You use your garage door once, if not more, every day. It is one of the most used, loved, convenient, and security-driven appliances the exterior of your home has. It may be so loved that it has some paint chips, rust, or even dents. But replacing it may be too expensive. We get it. There aren’t budget garage doors. And if there are, they aren’t nice or stylish budget garage doors, unfortunately. 

Did you know that replacing your garage door can bring in an estimated 97.5% ROI? It makes you want to replace your garage door so much more, but it is pretty costly. So let’s do the budget version of a replacement. Read our informative blog on how you can get that nice and stylish budget garage door!

DIY Your Garage Door Aesthetic

So you want a nice and stylish garage door on a budget? We can do that! What kind of garage door company would we be if we couldn’t help you get the garage door of your dreams, regardless of price? So here are the most common styles of garage doors people go with. In each, we go over different ways you can upgrade your garage door. Let’s dive into the DIY for budget garage doors!


Who doesn’t love a modern look? Sometimes it’s almost too good not to indulge in. For modern budget garage doors, there are a few ways you can take it. Let’s go over those.

Modern garage door

Basic Level

Typically for modern styles, there are three colors you can expect to find. They are white, black, and wood tone. For a basic-level intro to the modern look, you can sand your garage door down and then paint or stain it. You may be surprised how much a simple paint coat can transform your entire garage door. In addition, there are some magnetic handles you can add for a touch of simplicity. Adding all-black handles will help to remain in the modern realm.

Moderate Level

If you’re wanting your garage door to be more obviously modern, you will be interested in a moderate DIY. From your basic level, you can add some windows. These windows match the modern look if they are black and flush with the rest of the door. In addition, these windows can be placed on either the top or sides of the doors. Having the windows placed on the sides of your garage door can elevate the overall appearance. 

Elevated Level

For an elevated look for your garage door, you may have to do a vast amount of DIY. Typically, for an elevated modern garage door look, you can add vertical or horizontal paneling. This would require you to measure out the desired length and width of your wood panels. Once that is measured out, it would be best to paint or stain the wooden pieces before adding them to the garage door. After they are painted or stained your desired color, you can use either wood glue or a nail gun. Using a nail gun would help to ensure your new look last through weather and temperature changes. 


There has been an increase in farmhouse-style homes. They are lovely, don’t you think? If you have a farmhouse-style home, we can help to make your garage door match that. Let’s go over the DIYs you can do for budget garage doors.

Farmhouse garage door

Basic Level

Typically for farmhouse-style homes, they stay within the same three colors that modern-style homes do. This means white, black, and wood tones will be your best color pallet. You could stop at the new paint look, or you can add more. 

If you want to add more, for a farmhouse/ranch look, you may want to create an “X” shaped paneling that you can add to your garage door. In addition, you can make either one or two small rectangular paneling frames to add to the top. 

Moderate Level

For a slightly more farmhouse aesthetic within your garage door, you can add magnetic handles and window inserts. You may also consider adding pendant lighting around your garage door.

Elevated Level

An elevated look for a garage door can consist of using both the white and wood tone color pallet. In addition, adding some greenery around your garage door can completely change the look and feel.

Spanish Or Mediterranean 

If you have a Spanish or Mediterranean-style home, you have impeccable taste. So your garage door should match that! Let’s get Spanish or Mediterranean budget garage doors looking brand new.

Spanish style garage door

Basic Level

Luckily for you, DIYing for a Spanish or Mediterranean feel is quite simple. For a basic look, you will want to sand down your garage door and stain it a beautiful color brown color. 

Moderate Level

To increase the Spanish or Mediterranean feel of your garage door, you can think about adding a curved framing to the top of your garage door. In addition, you can either buy or make an eyebrow pergola to enhance your look.

Elevated Level

To completely transform budget garage doors into aspiring Spanish or Mediterranean-inspired garage doors, consider adding timeless pendant lighting to the sides of your garage door. The lighting can consist of different aesthetics, such as vintage, tiny but bright, or big and bold. 

Need Help With Your Budget Garage Door

M.G.A Garage Door Repair Friendswood TX has a team of expert and experienced technicians who would be thrilled to help you with your budget garage door. If you get stuck on a step or make a mistake with your budget garage door, we can help. Our technicians can do anything from repairs to installations! Call us at (832) 481-5022 or contact us on our site.

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