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A garage door opener allows you to save so much time between leaving and returning home. Gone are the days of manually pulling your garage door open and shut when you can use a remote or keypad to do the job. That said, we understand that a lot of garage door openers on the market can be expensive, so you might be hesitant to purchase one. However, there are quite a few budget-friendly garage door openers that still bring their best performance. Keep reading to learn about the top five most budget-friendly garage door openers on the market right now. 

5 Budget-Friendly Garage Door Openers

While these aren’t the only affordable garage door opener options, they are some of the best-rated ones by experts. These opener options include the following: 

1. beamUP Workhorse

Despite its lack of smartphone connectivity, the beamUP Workhorse is an excellent choice where affordable options are concerned. At less than $200, this chain-drive opener is notable for being easy to install and including a control panel and remote control. It also comes with built-in LED lights, allowing you to keep the inside of your garage illuminated if you need to drive somewhere late at night. 

2. Genie Chain Drive 550

Another one of the best budget-friendly garage door openers recommended by experts is the Genie Chain Drive 550. This opener is also easy to install, works for most standard garage doors, and is lightweight. The parts and chain drive also include a five-year warranty, while the motor has a limited lifetime warranty. That said, this opener is most effective for doors that don’t weigh more than 500 pounds due to its low horsepower. 

3. Skylink Atoms 

Skylink Atoms is one of the few budget-friendly garage door openers that includes smartphone connectivity. It works for any seven-foot garage door and costs less than $200 on Amazon. In addition to being able to be linked to your smartphone, this opener can also be integrated with Google Nest and Alexa-controlled smart home technology. This opener includes an emergency battery backup, LED lights, and even automatically opens upon detecting carbon monoxide. 

While not as high-tech as its more expensive counterparts, this opener still has plenty of smart features that make it a worthwhile investment. Keep in mind that there are some versions of the Skylink Opener that don’t include smart features or require the battery backup to be purchased separately. These versions cost even less than the ones with smart features, but nearly all of these openers are less than $200 on Amazon. 

4. Genie Chain Drive 500 

The Genie Chain Drive 500 is basically an even more affordable version of the Genie Chain Drive 550. It’s highly durable, compatible with many remote brands, and is considered easy to install and fairly quiet for a chain drive opener. That said, experts urge buyers to only use this opener if their garage door weighs less than 350 pounds. 

5. Genie 2055 QuietLift 

The last of the five budget-friendly garage door openers featured in this blog is also from the Genie brand. However, the Genie 2055 QuietLift is unique from the other four openers in that it uses a belt instead of a chain drive. The belt drive allows for quiet operation, as indicated by the name of the product. Costing less than $250 on Amazon, this garage door opener also has a smaller motor and can be connected to many remote control brands. That said, it doesn’t include smart features or a keypad, so you’ll need to stick to remotes. 

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We hope that these five budget-friendly garage door openers have opened up many possibilities for an easy, smooth operation. It really is possible to avoid manually opening and closing your garage door for less than $250. When it comes to finding and installing the best garage door opener for your home, contact us at M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Friendswood to get started. 

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