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When it comes to ensuring your home has high curb appeal, you can’t ignore the color of your garage door. Even if you have a budget garage door, it’s still important to do what you can to maintain that curb appeal to ensure your property value is high. This will be helpful when you decide to put it on the market. 

Choosing the right color for your budget garage door is not easy, as you’re probably thinking of what paints are most affordable. While affordability is important, there are other important factors to weigh when it comes to selecting a color for your budget garage door. Keep reading to learn how to find the right color to increase the curb appeal of your budget garage door. 

Choosing The Right Color For Your Budget Garage Door: A Guide

While price is an important factor to consider when painting your budget garage door, you don’t want that to be the only element you consider when choosing the right color for your budget garage door. The following tips will help you select the right color and paint to make your budget garage door shine. 

1. Pick A Color That Shares Warm Or Cool Undertones With Your Home

When it comes to picking a specific color, think about what colors you currently have for your home’s exterior. If you’re having a hard time thinking of a good color for your garage door, you can start by exploring which colors share warm or cool undertones with your home. For example, if your home’s colors consist of warm tones, pick something that’s also warm and complements the rest of your home. Keep in mind that colors like white, black, grey, and beige come in warm and cool varieties, so if you are leaning toward those colors, find ones that have the appropriate undertones. 

2. Use A Scratch-Resistant Paint 

You want your budget garage door to be able to last as long as possible, and one way to ensure its durability is to use scratch-resistant paint. You can use paints that have a gloss or semi-gloss finish. If you’re able to access acrylic exterior paint and a good primer, your garage door will be in great shape. 

3. Factor The Local Climate

When choosing the right color for your budget garage door, you also need to consider the local climate. Depending on its severity, you might need to find paint that’s able to withstand harsh conditions like floods or hurricanes. Humidity is also a factor that can affect the appearance of your garage door. A professional will be able to help you find a paint that will be able to resist the impact of such conditions. 

4. Consider What Colors Best Complement Your Home’s Style

Finally, you also want to pick a color that will best complement the style of your home. If you have a rustic-style home with a carriage-house garage door, black is probably not the best choice. Instead, go for some warm beiges or whites. Conversely, a brown or wood-grain finish will surely clash with a sleek, modern garage door, while a solid black or grey will keep it nice and fresh. 

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We Will Help You Find The Best Color For Your Budget Garage Door!

We hope that this guide will make the process of picking the most ideal color for your budget garage door easy. As long as you consider the local climate, find something scratch-resistant, and pick a paint that matches the undertones and style of your home, you will be set. If you are in need of additional assistance with this process, contact our M.G.A. Garage Door Repair Friendswood team today. 

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